One Paragraph Panto Plots

There are many variations on popular pantomime plots but here we try and condense the most popular ones that you can buy tickets for on pantoworld. Remember though, most pantos only loosely follow the story; the jokes, songs and outrageous costumes are the real stars of the show.

  • Jack & the Beanstalk


Jack’s family is poor, so his mum sends him out to sell their cow at the market. On the way, Jack is offered five magic beans for the cow and he accepts. Back at home, his mother scolds him for not getting money for the cow and throws the beans out the window. Overnight the beans grow into a huge beanstalk which Jack climbs. He climbs into another land where he uncovers many treasures, but he has to outwit a giant on three occasions to return with the valuables.

  • Beauty & the Beast


A beautiful daughter asks her father to get her a red rose from a market so he heads there; but a storm stops him from making it home so he seeks refuge in a nearby home. He eats, drinks and sleeps in the house without seeing anyone before he spots the red flower his daughter requested in the garden. The father picks it, however a beast comes out and challenges him, the Dad agrees to exchange his daughter for his life and so his father returns home, but Beauty (the daughter) is taken prisoner by the Beast. What follows is an epic tale of love and loyalty as Beauty discovers a tender side to the Beast; though she has to balance her love for her father when he becomes ill and she has to tend to him.

  • Cinderella


A put-upon step-daughter has to watch on as her two sisters go to a fancy ball instead of her. As she is wondering whether she will ever go, a Fairy Godmother appears and puts a spell on her, transforming the plainly dressed girl with a glamorous outfit. The catch is that the spell runs out at midnight, so having fallen in love with Prince Charming at the ball Cinderella leaves the ball in a hurry so he doesn’t see her real appearance, leaving her slipper behind. The Prince sets out to find the girl he fell in love with, but he has to overcome the efforts of Cinderella’s evil stepmother to be reacquainted with her.

  • Snow White


Snow White lives contentedly in a castle with her stepmother, who asks her mirror every day who is the fairest lady in the land. But one day the mirror replies Snow White is the fairest in the land and the wicked stepmother bribes a merchant to take her stepdaughter away and kill her in the woods. He shirks this task and the girl falls asleep. On waking she hears little voices coming from a building and discovers seven dwarves who she loves living with. But the wicked stepmother hasn’t forgotten about her foe and Snow White has to look to the dwarves and a handsome Prince to rid her of the evil woman.

  • Aladdin


Aladdin, a poor street urchin, tries to stop the evil Abanazar’s plan to rule the world while falling in love with a beautiful princess. In possession of a magic lantern, which contains a genie, Aladdin uses his three wishes – and the advice of his Mum Widow Twanky – to try to overcome his enemy and win the heart of his loved one.

  • Dick Whittington


A poor boy heads to London to seek his fortune but fails to find a job and trudges back, picking up a cat along the way. Along the road, he hears the church bells calling him back to London so he returns. He meets Alice Fitzwarren and she gets him a job with her father’s company, while Tommy works in a kitchen killing rats. But Tommy and Dick are confronted by the cunning King Rat who fixes a burglary at the Fitzwarren’s house to look like Dick did it, forcing Dick on the road again.

  • A Christmas Carol


Dickens’ classic novel involves the miserly figure of Scrooge being taken by three ghosts to his past, present and future where he is reminded of his lack of kindness and compassion. On Christmas morning the old miser is a man transformed and goes out of his way to be the opposite of the grumpy old geezer he previously was.

  • Peter Pan


The Darling children are whisked away from London to Neverland by Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up. They have many adventures with Pan and the Lost Boys only to be confronted by Captain Hook and the Pirates. Homesick, the children decide to return to their homeland with Peter Pan but Hook’s actions and Pan’s desire to remain a boy prove troublesome.

  • Wizard of Oz


Dorothy is a farm girl who is knocked unconscious by a tornado that blows her (and her house and dog Toto) to the Kingdom of Oz. She heads on a journey along the yellow brick road to the Emerald City to ask the Wizard to send her back to Kansas. Along the way she meets Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion who want the wizard to give them a brain, a heart and courage respectively. But the gang have the Wicked Witch on their trail because she wants her dead sister’s magic ruby slippers, worn by Dorothy.

  • Sleeping Beauty


A King and Queen give birth to a beautiful daughter and throw a party for guests to celebrate her arrival. They all bestow kind wishes and presents on the baby except for an uninvited guest who is angry at not being sent an invitation; she casts a spell on the baby that will send the child into a deep sleep on her 15th birthday after an accident with a spindle. The years pass and even though the King and Queen burn all the spindles, their daughter finds one in a secret room in the castle and pricks her thumb, sending her and the whole kingdom into a deep sleep. Legend grows in the land about a Sleeping Beauty who is in a deep sleep in an overgrown castle and so it falls to a Prince to awaken the beauty from her slumber.

  • Robin Hood


Popularised by two films in the last two decades, Robin Hood is the tale of the legendary English outlaw who is the master of Sherwood Forest and, as folklore has it, stole from the rich to give to the poor. His nemesis is the Sheriff of Nottingham who is hungry for more power but increasingly sees his people look to the outlaw as a hero and so he takes action.


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